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Chataronga and Shoulder Pain

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Chataronga  or  yoga up dog pose requires significant upper body strength and excellent form.  Weakness or poor form can lead to injuries in the rotator cuff muscles and or strain on the supporting shoulder ligaments.  While there are four muscles that comprise the rotator cuff, the supraspinatus muscle/tendon is the injured most frequently resulting in anterior shoulder pain.

The Centeno-Schultz Clinic offers the largest number of  non surgical regenerative therapies for shoulder, knee, hip, ankle and spine pain.  Therapies are patient specific and may include prolotherpy, plasma rich plasma (PRP), bone marrow derived stem cells (Regenexx SD), adipose derived stem cells (Regenexx AD), plasma derived stem cells(Regenexx SCP) or a combination thereof.  Selection of appropriate therapy is critical as is the delivery.  Accordingly therapies at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic utilize x-ray or ultrasound guidance to ensure that the regenerative therapy is applied to the targeted areas.  The large number of regenerative therapies and direct visualization result in superior clinical outcomes.

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