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Cryostorage: Freezing Your Stem Cells

Cryostorage 2 Storage of adult autologous stem cells is appropriate when there is an interruption in therapy or the total number of cells available exceeds the number appropriate for a given application.

Freezing the cells in cryostorage is the standard.

International Cellular Medicine Society has established laboratory guidelines that address this specific and critical issue.  When freezing adult autologous stem cells it is important to prevent formation of large crystals in the cells which cause disruption of cell structure and possible cell death.  To avoid possible damage to cells, two precautions are taken:  the use of cyroprotective agents such as DMSO or glycerol and controlled rate of freezing.

Regenerative Sciences, which pioneered the Regenexx procedure has adopted the ICMS laboratory and clinical guidelines.  The quality of adult autologus mesenchymal stem cell therapy has now been elevated.