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Does Your Stem Cell Expert Have A Dangerous History?

In our digital age, we are obsessed with evaluations and ratings. We search diligently on Amazon for the “best product” with the best reviews and ratings. Consumer Reports is a go-to for a large purchase, where we spend time reviewing the pros and cons and editor’s notes. Dining plans are often made after reviewing Yelp and posted comments. If the matter concerns our loved ones or property, our evaluations often expand and deepen. It is not uncommon to have a background check for prospective babysitters or nannies. Thinking of having some work performed on your house?  Background checks and current status at the Better Business Bureau are becoming the norm.

What about your physician? Do you evaluate him or her?  Do you check your physician’s background?

Not All Regenerative Medicine Providers Are Created Equal

The field of regenerative medicine has attracted a stampede of providers who are not all equal. Many are not board certified. Many have not been fellowship trained. Some have criminal backgrounds as is the case with the prior president of Stem Cell Institute of America, Brent Detelich, DC, who is a convicted felon. He was convicted of billing fraud.

Each state has a regulatory agency that is responsible for professional licensing and consumer protection. In Colorado it is termed DORA:  Department of Regulatory Agencies. DORA serves as a resource for objective information about licensed Colorado professions and works to educate consumers about their rights. It is available online:

How to Background Check Your Potential Physician

Want to evaluate a physician’s license as part of your background check?  It is certainly a responsible idea given that you are entrusting your health and future to the physician. Would it be helpful to know if a physician had been suspended from the practice of medicine? Would it be helpful to know if the a physician had a substance abuse issue and entered rehabilitation?

Take the time to evaluate your physician. Here is how in the state of Colorado.

Go to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies:

Under Help Center, click on “CO Health Professional Check.”

Scroll down to “Need Help Finding a Profile?” and click on “SEARCH FOR A PROFILE.”

This will bring you to the page “Verify a Colorado Professional License.”

In the “Individual Name” box, enter the physician’s first and last name. In the “Profession” box, select “Medical,” and then click “Search.” You can then click on your physician’s name to find out licensing information as well as whether or not the physician has had any board or discipline actions.

Choose Your Physician Carefully

Knowledge is power. Choose wisely as you are entering into a very important physician-patient relationship. You trust this professional to make the best decisions regarding the your health and future.

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we have board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians who are committed to your well-being. Our physicians are engaged in providing the most advanced stem cell and platelet therapy, instructing other physicians both nationally and locally, and raising the bar of excellence in the emerging field of regenerative medicine. Choose carefully.