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Fountain of Youth

Ponce de Le’on sailed to Florida in search of the  legendary spring that reputedly restores youth.

The quest to offset the effects of aging is extensive.  Creams, herbs and diets are just a few of the therapies reported to keep us healthy and young.

Current research has provided more insight into the process of aging.  A recent study demonstrated that decreased muscle mass associated with aging was the result of reduced blood flow and a reduction in sensitivity to insulin.  Equally important was the fact that exercise 3 times a week reversed the loss of muscle mass .  So…..


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Surgery with postop rehabilitation, immobilization and partial weightbearing can exacerbate muscle wasting.  Regenexx is non-operative therapy for many common orthopedic complications.  Regenexx utilizes a patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells in an attempt to heal lumbar disc injuries, non-union fractures, osteoarthritis of the hip and ankle.