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Hip Pain Causes

There are many causes of hip pain.  Most individuals who experience hip pain believe that it comes from the hip.  As a pain physician, I encounter  a significant number of patients who have hip pain and who have been told they need either minimally invasive hip surgery, hip resurfacing surgery or total hip surgery.  Unforuntately that this not always the case.

The term referred pain is one most of us know through TV or the movies.   The most common is an individual who presents to the ER with severe arm or jaw pain.  They dont need to see a dentist or an orthopedist.  They are having a heart attack.  Referred pain is the phenomenon of pain perceived at a site adjacent to or at a distance from the site of an injury’s origin.

The same concept applies to hip pain causes.  Common causes of pain that refers to the hip include sacroliliac joint dysfunction, bursitis, myofascial pain syndrome and lumbar degenerative disc disease.

All to often an individual goes to their physician with complaints of hip pain only to get an injection of cortisone or an x-ray of the hip.  At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we evaluate all possible sources of hip pain prior to focusing our attention on the hip joint.  Regrettably in 2008, Medicare only requires an x-ray of the hip in order for a patient to be a candidate for minimally invasive hip surgery, arthoscopic hip surgery or total hip replacement surgery. An MRI is essential to evaluate structures in the hip which include the cartilage, ligaments and bone.

If therapy is required one of the newest options is the use of your own stem cells.  At Regenexx expanded autologous stem cells have been injected into hip joint with success.  Patients will attest to their reduced pain and increased function. Patient testimonal