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Fractures of the long bones occur commonly and include the humerus, radius, ulna, femur,  tibia and fibula.  Often times they require surgery with insertion of rods or plates.  Unfortunately despite patients and surgeons best efforts, often times these fractures fail to heal.  The all to common result is a patient that has limited mobility and function and continues to have pain.

Treatment options are limited and may include application of a bone stimulator in the hopes that it will stimulate the generation of bone growth and hence healing of the fracture.

Regret ably another option  is for the surgeon  is to simply remove the hardware and re break the bones.  Yes.  Re Break the bones and place another set of plates and or rods into the bone.  This exposes the patient to anesthesia, the risks inherent in surgery  not to mention the pain and suffering associated with the surgery and rehabilitation.

Now there is an easy, non-surgical therapy for long bone fracctures which have not healed.  At Regenexxwe place you own expanded stem cells inthe the fracture site with a needle.  It is a needle in, needle out procedure with profound results which we be published shortly.  Please see two case examples below:

Now you hve an alternative.  a simple, quick restorative procedures using your own stem cells vs going through an additional sugery with its associatied risks

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