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The dynamic combination of orthobiologic treatments and chiropractic corrections leads to the very best you, at whatever age. 


Download Orthopedics 2.0 

In Orthopedics 2.0: How Regenerative Medicine and Interventional Orthopedics will Change Everything, Dr. Chris Centeno delves into the human musculoskeletal system and explains how everything works together as a holistic system, and, when something is damaged, how the body adapts to its own mal-adaptations.

Dr. Centeno walks you through tests and exercises that you can do on your own to better understand what your body needs to maintain or regain proper stability, alignment, and function. Orthopedics 2.0 also explores how Regenexx is pioneering the new field of Interventional Orthopedics and how it uses regenerative biologics to help people get back to their life without the pain, cost, and potential damage that invasive surgeries and conventional medicine has to offer.







How to Choose the Right Stem Cell Clinic: Who, What, Where, When, and How

There is an epidemic of sham stem cell clinics out there. This book, written by Dr. Chris Centeno – the originator of orthopedic stem cell injections, guides patients to evaluate a stem cell clinics to better choose those that will actually help with their condition.

A Complete Stem Cell Protocol – Not Just a Single Procedure

The Regenexx Patented Stem Cell Protocol has been researched and continually improved for more than a decade. The protocol used in the United States typically involves a series of injections that take place over the course of approximately one week. The Stem Cell extraction and reinjection happens during the same day, while the other two injection steps happen before and after the same day stem cell procedure and are designed to enhance the results of the stem cell procedure.

The Best Possible Patient Outcomes

At Regenexx® no corners are cut. Our regenerative procedures are 100% focused on producing the best possible patient outcomes, without trying to balance quality with profitability.

100% Focused on Orthopedics

We don’t treat everything and we’re proud of that fact. We are orthopedic specialists. Each doctor in the Regenexx Network is a musculoskeletal expert trained in our procedures and have proven skills in advanced injections for the body areas that they are certified to treat.

Up to 20 Times More Stem Cells Available for Your Treatment Using Patented Cell Processing Procedure

Regenexx® continually improves our processes to maximize the available stem cells for your treatment. Our patented multi-tier lab technique typically yields 10 to 20 times more stem cells than is possible using the simple automated equipment utilized by most stem cell clinics.

Image-Guided Injections and Harvesting

Even experienced orthopedic specialists cannot hit an exact spot without taking a look inside. The imaging technology that we use during your procedure allows us to not only see the anatomy of the area being injected, but we have live visualization of the needle and the distribution of the injected cells. Precise needle placement for stem cell harvesting and reinjection is a key element in producing the best possible outcomes.

Backed by the Most Research

Regenexx® is the original orthopedic stem cell treatment in the United States and we’re responsible for a very large portion of the published orthopedic stem cell literature available today. View Published Research at Regenexx.com.

Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells

Research has shown that stem cells derived from bone marrow (rather than fat) are most effective for treating orthopedic injuries and conditions. We utilize advanced imaging guidance during the stem cell harvesting procedure to ensure the cells are being obtained from the exact area in the hip that is known to be rich in mesenchymal stem cells.

Published Patient Outcome Data & Transparency

At Regenexx® we publish our patient outcome data on a regular basis and make it available to the public on our website and in peer-reviewed research papers. Regenexx patients are tracked in a registry for functional improvements, pain scales, outcomes and safety data.

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