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Jim M.

My Name is Jim, a pharmaceutical, international business development professional.

My medical problem was shoulder pain and discomfort with restricted motion such as reaching up, combing my hair, or putting on a shirt or coat. Treatment of steroid injections and physical therapy provided limited or no success.

The pain became progressively worse, especially at night, where I could not lie down, and I had to try to get whatever sleep I could sitting in a chair.

The diagnosis of rotator cuff degeneration was confirmed by MRI, and the orthopedic treatment option: Surgery. With anchors inserted into the rotator cuff tendon, shaving off or cutting off part of the shoulder bone, possible tendon transplant, the outlook was described as 6-12 months for full recovery.

Fortunately, the Regenexx stem cell treatment provided a viable decision option. It was dramatically less invasive, and a non-radical approach compared to surgery. I considered the worst case – if not successful, I could always resort to rotator cuff surgery…but the opposite was not true. If surgery not successful, the alternative, what, more aggressive surgery?? Ugh!
Following Regenexx stem cell shoulder treatment, I returned to sleeping in my own bed rather than in a chair in about 2 weeks. Life improved dramatically. I followed the Regenexx home exercise program, and, in the big picture, returned to what I would consider full “functional recovery” or generally a “normal state” for everyday activities in about 3 months.

The bottom line: Regenexx stem cell treatment changed my life and did it without surgery, and I am very, very thankful.

-Jim M.