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Pudendal Nerve Injection

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RD is a 55-year-old male treated for low back, hip and pelvic pain. He also has erectile dysfunction. Knowing that he had pelvic and SI joint instability, we surmised that he may have impingement of his pudendal nerve causing his ED. An ultrasound-guided pudendal nerve block alleviated much of his pelvic pain. If his erectile dysfunction continues to improve, we may add regenerative platelet growth factor injections around the nerve to help heal it. We also use growth factor injections for nerves in many other areas of the body, including epidurals, with much better effects that cortisone injections.

Pudendal Neuralgia is a painful neurologic condition that is caused by compression or irritation of the pudendal nerve. Problems can occur due to childbirth, surgery, cycling, squatting exercises, bio-mechanical abnormalities (e.g., SI joint or pelvic floor dysfunction), chronic constipation & direct falls on the tailbone. Symptoms include pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, foreign body sensation in the groin & difficulty with urination/defecation.

By using PRP and the SANS approach, RD’s ED was helped, along with the pain associated with pudendal neuralgia.