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Sex and Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Many factors play role a role in the healing process.    Mesenchymal stem cells have a repair function in bone, ligament, cartilage and intervertebral  discs.

In previous blogs, I have referenced medication interactions on mesehcnymal stem cell function.

Clinically there is often a difference among woman and men.

Strube et al, examined whether there was a gender difference in bone healing and  whether this process was associated with a difference in the total number of mesenchymal stem cells.    In this study,  females demonstrated compromised healing and radiographically delayed bone formation  when compared to males.  These differences were associated with a reduced number of mesenchymal stem cells which were postulated to be  the possible cause of poor bone healing.

Stem cell function, interactions with medications, gender and age related differences are areas of keen interest.  Regenexx, which utilizes a autologous mesenchymal stem cells for orthopedic applications, has an extensive data base tracking these variables.  This  database hopefully will continue to shed light on these critical factors.