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Vulcan Shoulder Support

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vulkan-half-shoulder-support Vulcan Shoulder supports are commonly used for dislocated shoulder, frozen shoulder, broken collar bone, and rotator cuff injuries.  In concept, the neoprene support provides therapeutic heat, support, and shoulder pain relief. The compression and warmth can also provide pain relief following shoulder surgery.

How Does Vulcan Shoulder Support Work?

The support fastens securely around the shoulder with the Velcro straps to provide support and reassurance following injury.  If the injury is mild and you are of good health and not taking any know toxins to your own stem cells, it is possible for some of these injuries to improve.  Unfortunately, as we age, the vitality of our stem cells and their ability to mount a successful response to injury declines.  The result is continued pain due to incomplete healing.  Immobilizing the joint also goes against the finding supported by Sen who demonstrated mechanical stress led mesenchymal stem cells to change into cartilage and bone as opposed to fat.

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, we are committed to identifying and correcting the underlying program.  Prolotherapy often used successfully to treat rotator cuff injuries, AC joint, and shoulder dislocations if damage has occurred to the supporting ligaments.

A non-surgical alternative for partially torn rotator cuff tendons, dislocation of shoulders, and acromioclavicular injuries is the use of your own stem cells. At Regenexx a patient’s own bone-marrow-derived stem cells are isolated, expanded and then injected exactly into the area of damage under intermittent x-ray guidance.

Intermittent X-ray to ensure accurate placement of MSC
Intermittent X-ray to ensure accurate placement of MSC

Utilizing your own stem cells (autologous) prevents the transmission of disease.

Please review the testimonial of a patient who had bilateral rotator cuff tears who previously underwent surgery on one side and elected stem cell therapy for the other side.




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