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3rd Annual Healthcare Innovator of the Year Awards

Centeno Schultz is proud to be recognized as a Healthcare Innovator of the Year by AdvancedMD. See below about us, or click here for the full story.

To be considered an innovator in healthcare means that despite overwhelming healthcare policies, reimbursements, operational and staffing complexities, among many other challenges, leading independent medical practices and billing services are boldly moving forward to create the healthcare of the future. This award recognizes the leaders in healthcare who are strategically leveraging integrated technologies to improve quality care, patient safety, and practice workflow and revenues.

AdvancedMD is honored to recognize these practices and billing services with our Healthcare Innovator of the Year award. Each office has made strides in advancing and directing the course of AdvancedMD and the healthcare industry by creating a best-in-technology practice of the future.

Centeno-Schultz Clinic – Broomfield, CO

Awarded for exceptional integration of AdvancedPM, AdvancedEHR, AdvancedInsight, AdvancedBenchmarking, AdvancedPatient, eEligibility, AdvancedExchange & professional services for custom reports & multiple lab integrations.

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