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Ankle Pain: An issue of stability

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Ligaments connect bone to bone.  They provide essential support to a given joint.  Conceptually they are the duct tape which provide for a strong foundation.   If the ligament is torn, stretched or injured it can become loose thereby compromising the support of a joint.  An unstable joint can be painful. Treatment options at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic for instability include x-ray or ultrasound guided prolotherapy, PRP or one or more of the Regenexx family therapies.

CR is 21y/o patient with ankle pain following a high-speed rear-end motor vehicle injury.  At time of impact he has his right foot on the brake.  Conservative therapy in the form of NSAIDs, physical therapy and massage failed to improve the debilitating ankle pain.  On physical exam the ankle was noted to be loose.  After three prolotherapy injections into the  lateral ankle igaments as well as the intersosseus ligaments he reports 90% improvement.  If left untreated unstable joints often undergo an acceleration of the degenerative process due to uneven and tear.

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