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Back Pain Relief

Patients both in the US and elsewhere are accustom to quick fixes.  If they have a sore throat they go to their doctor and receive an antibiotic and the sore throat resolves.  if they have rash, they go to the dermatologist and cream is dispensed and the rash resolves.

Lower back pain unfortunately can arise from a number of causes which may not be recognized and properly diagnosed.  The result can be lumbar spine surgery when it is not appropriate. There are several different types of back surgeryBack surgery, in the absence of abrupt onset of lower extremity weakness, numbness or incontinence should be of last resort.  Unfortunately one of the most common  back surgeries is  lumbar fusion.  If the appropriate evaluation has not been completed prior to surgery, often times the result is failed back sugery with the patient emerging from surgery in worse pain.

Finally there are inherent risks associated with back surgery which are often not discussed or acknowledged.  These include but are not limited to bleeding,  infection, failure, nerve damage and deep vein thrombus.  Remember Tom Brady’s surgery which was complicated by an infection?

At Regenexx we offer non surgical alternatives to back surgery with a singular goal of providing significant back pain relief.

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