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Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is very common problem that plagues millions.  At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic it is our commitment to  correctly identify the source of ones back pain.  Failure to correctly identify the source of back pain can result in misdiagnosis and inappropriate therapy.  Back surgery is all too often the answer provided to patients.  Back surgery is no guarantee that a patients back pain will resolve.  Unfortunately all too often patients who have back surgery go on to develop chronic back pain.

Back pain treatments encompass many disciplines and practices.  Central to obtaining success and reduction in back pain for a patient is looking at all the possible sources of back pain.  This includes but is not limited to muscular, ligamental, facetogenic and discogenic.  Other structures can all cause referred pain into the low back such as the sacroiliac joint and inflammation of the bursa.

Dysfunctional muscles are often a cause of back pain and can be very effectively treated with myofascial deactivation (IMS).  Muscle symmetry, strength and proper function is essential to support the lumbar spine so as to avoid back pain.

The use of stem cells are recently made a significant difference in the back pain treatment options.  At Regenexx  we utilize your own stem cells to regenerate your damaged structures in the back that give rise to back pain.  Treatment of bulging lumbar discs causing leg pain has been performed successfully using stem cell therapy.

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