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Buttock Pain: Sacroillac Joint and Associated Ligaments

| | Back (Spine), Hip

Buttock pain can be disabling and may arise from many different sources.  Lumbar degenerative disc disease, lumbar facet dysfunction, lumbar disc herniation, piriformis syndrome, inflammation of the buttock and hip tendons can all lead to buttock pain.  Diagnostic ultrasound examinations at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic can demonstrate muscle tears as well as inflammation of the tendons.

The sacrolillac joint ( SI) and its supporting ligaments can be associated with debilitating buttock pain. 

Clinical presentation varies as illustrated in pain diagram below. 

Patients may have pain in the buttock, posterior thigh, lower back, groin, hip and calf.

NB is  34y/o patient with 5 year history of  buttock and groin pain which was progressive in nature and constant in duration and prevented her from walking, running or playing with her children.  Therapies to date had included exploratory surgery, consults with GYN, urologist and neurologist, PT and oral medications.

At the Centeno-Schultz clinic patient underwent prolotherapy of the SI joint and the supporting ligaments.  Successful outcome is dependent x-ray guided placement of proliferate solution into the joint as well as the supporting ligaments.  A recent article underscored the importance of the treating the iliolumbar ligament as it is essential to the stability of the SI joint.  This the quality of care one can expect at Centeno-Schultz ClinicStem cells utilizing the Regenexx procedure have also provided patients with SI joint pain significant relief.

NB returned to clinic recently and reported 80% improvement in her symptoms.

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