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Despite their terrible taste, disgusting odor and foul texture I followed by mother’s instructions: EAT your brussel sprouts.

Brussel sprouts

Mom insisted that diet was essential for our growth.

Does diet have an impact on stem cell growth and differentiation? (what type of cells they will become when they grow up)

Vanella demonstrated that high blood sugar levels, those commonly seen in patients who eat sugar based diets, lead mesenchymal stem cells to turn into fat instead of bone.

There are many factors that can affect stem cell growth and differentiation.  Regenerative Sciences understands the importance of these variables in their evaluation and treatment of orthopedic disorders with stem cell therapy. The Regenexx procedure provides patients a non-surgical option of the treatment of non-healing fractures, lumbar disc protrusions and degenerative conditions in knee and hips.

Bye, bye sugar and hello greens…..



This one-on-one evaluation will help you understand: 


  • - Candidacy Grade: Good / Fair / Poor
  • - Which Regenexx procedure would be best for optimal results
  • - An understanding of diagnosis/prognosis
  • - Direction of best care
  • - Can be performed in-person or by telemedicine visit 

An evaluation is critical to understanding the underlying problems and selecting the best treatment plan that will help you get back to the things you love, without pain and surgery.