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Non-Surgical Peripheral Nerve Treatment

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Nerves typically become injured via compression. They get compressed in fascial layers. The compression usually happens through scar tissue formation, bone spurs, and tight muscles can compress the nerves. Tight muscles can also push the nerves into a bony prominence, or get stretched around a bone.

So What Is a Hydrodissection? Non-Surgical Peripheral Nerve Treatment

Hydrodissection is an advanced musculoskeletal ultrasound image-guided technique with which we can essentially accomplish two things. One, we’re able to inject fluid around the nerve and it acts as a nerve decompression or a nerve release from the compressive fascia. And two, what we’re injecting around the nerve acts as a healing stimulus. We typically use a form of PRP called Platelet Lysate. Dr. Centeno has done a nice description of utilizing PRP versus Platelet Lysate, what the difference is, and why there is a difference. So please see that for more information there.

So now let’s take a look at what Peripheral Nerve Treatment with a Platelet Lysate, nerve ultrasound-guided hydrodissection, actually looks like.

Here (above) I am, utilizing the ultrasound guidance where we’re using the needle guidance to inject around the nerve. You’ll see the needle coming in from the right side and black fluid eventually encompassing the nerve, which is located right there. And then I advance the needle further to start working my way around the second nerve, which is located right there. And again, we’re using the fluid to act as one, a decompression, and two, to place the growth factors all the way circumferentially around the nerve.

So in continuation of the nerve hydrodissections, we typically continue to hydrodissect along the course of the nerve. So, in this case, I went a little bit inferiorly and this is the fibular head here.

There’s also some bright hyperechoic fascia right here. The nerve itself is getting wedged in between this fascia and the bone itself. So let’s take a look at what that dissection looks like.  There’s the needle dissecting the nerve away from the fascia here, and eventually away from the bone itself. Now, this is an advanced Peripheral Nerve Treatment technique that we typically teach at the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation.  I’m also one of the trainers that actually trains physicians on how to do this technique.

For more information on Nonsurgical Peripheral Nerve Treatment, you can always visit their website: So I thank you for your time. I hope this was educational. For more information, please join us at or any of our other social media outlets. Thank you. Have a good day.