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Solving pelvic pain where others could not

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NB is a 35 year old female with a 5 year history of pelvic pain without preceding trauma.  She rated the pain as a 5 out of 10 on a pain scale, deep in character, constant in duration localized at the mid pubis symphysis without radicular pain. The pain prevented NB from walking, running, exercising, and playing with her children. Her treatments prior to coming to The Centeno-Schultc Clinic included narcotics, muscle relaxants, exploratory surgery, hernia repair, MRI, CT, GYN consults.  In total she saw 12 doctors, underwent 1 surgery, and multiple studies, all with no benefit. When she finally came to see us we began prolotherapy of her pubis symphysis. The result was an 80% improvement in pain.  She was able to walk and play with her children again.