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Structural Integrity: The Importance of Ligaments

Ligaments are fibrous connective tissue that connect bone to bone.

Ligaments are critical to the structural integrity of a given joint.  The are the structural support of the joint.

Repetitive use injuries and acute traumas are common causes of ligament injuries.

When a ligament becomes injured, it becomes loose and no longer provides the critical support needed.  The result is abnormal pressure being applied to the joint.  Often times there is more pressure on a specific area of the joint that is not equip to handle the increased pressure.  The unfortunate result is cartilage degeneration and with the onset of pain and restriction in range of motion.

Ligaments can be strengthened with prolotherapy and mesenchymal stem cellsProlotherapyis the injection of an irritant which initiates a healing response.  Centeno-Schultz Clinic has extensive experience with prolotherapy for ligament injures.  Mesenchymal stem cells , utilizing the Regenexx procedure, have repaired ligament laxity as demonstrated in the MRI below.

ankle MRI

Orthopedic conditions are progressive, meaning they will continue to worsen over time...

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