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Michell P.

Dr. Pitts performing a Regenexx procedure

AMAZING! I have had the unique experience of having Stem Cell Therapy done on both knees at by two different unrelated clinics. My first was done in Denver, and everything beyond the initial consultation was a terrible, painful experience. It was so bad that a year later when my other knee started to have problems, I couldn’t make myself go back. Even though I had seen improvement from doing the stem cell therapy, I just didn’t think I could go through it again. I decided that I could at least “fool myself” that it wouldn’t be as bad the next time if I went somewhere else, so I call Centeno-Schultz Clinic. EVERYTHING was WORLDS DIFFERENT! Dr Pitts was AMAZING! Literally every time he’d do a procedure I’d end up saying “Wait that was it? But there was no pain??” He’d just laugh. The bonus is his great sense of humor and he doesn’t even charge extra for the jokes. I 💯 percent recommend him!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️