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Dr. Pitts performing a Regenexx procedure

My right knee (and left) has been doing great! I really couldn’t ask for a smoother recovery from ACLR.  I recently hit 6 mons and have been easing back into skiing and that’s been going great!  I’m progressing everything slowly, of course, but never have any pain in any of my sports or activities.  I still have pretty significant strength and size deficits (the stem cell-only recovery is a massive win there compared to surgery!) but it’s getting better everyday and skiing is a lot more fun than wall sits for quad mass!

 Having done the stem cell treatment and the surgery as well, I wanted to offer that I’d be happy to answer questions if you ever have prospective patients (especially skiers, I know back in 2016 I was struggling with the initial decision) looking to chat with another patient.  The rehab from the surgery is significantly more difficult both physically and mentally.  So far, I have a great outcome and I’m sure the treatment with you was a factor in really solid healing!

 Welcome to a new decade — my first year there could have been better but I’m extremely optimistic 2021 will be better than last year for myself and a lot of people!