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Mike B.

Dr. Markle performing a Regenexx procedure

I went for shoulder pain after a surgery. The surgery had left me with a defect in my bicep tendon. Over time, A small tear Had developed in the bicep tendon and I had developed a couple of small tears in the rotator cuff. The pain generating from these conditions would leave me up every single night fighting with extreme pain. The surgical recommendation was to cut the bicep tendon. I am an active hard-working person who cant have his bicep tendon cut, there had to be another way. So I began to research alternative methods and found stem cell therapy which had shown effective on my injuries. I could have had the therapy close to ,my home by a doctor that does stem cell therapy in addition to his regular practice but I wanted to go to a center where that is all they did. The Centeno-Schultz clinic was the best place I could have ended up at. The facility is clean and very comfortable, the staff was amazing, everything was so easy to arrange and coordinate. Dr Markle was awesome and explained everything throughout the process and gave realistic expectations, which was very important to me. I felt like I was in the best of care and made comfortable through the process. Did the process involve some pain? Absolutely, but the clinic helped me through the painful parts. I feel truly grateful to have the opportunity for this kind of treatment and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to have it done. I did fly in from California and stayed in an area hotel for the week of treatment. It couldn’t have gone any better. I thank everyone for their compassion and expertise. Time will tell what the end results will be but I feel they will be good. I look forward to a life without pain.