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If you read this blog, you know that Regenexx HQ in Colorado trains fellows. We also have a very big annual Christmas bash where it’s now a tradition that the fellows have to put on a show. This year’s version didn’t disappoint, and I’d like to share that video but also educate you this morning about our commitment to education.

Our Fellowship Program

Almost a decade ago, we decided to start a fellowship program. This means that we take physicians who are already trained specialists and then train them further in the complex interventional orthopedics procedures we perform using regenerative medicine. These doctors spend a whole year with us, and some decide to spend an additional year or so as an attending physician to continue to learn more. Suffice it to say that these fellows are some of the most highly trained physicians in the world in interventional regenerative orthopedics. In fact, they’re so well trained that physicians pay big bucks to fly these guys and gals all over the world to train them.

Since its inception, we have trained doctors from a bevy of different residency programs, including Emory, Stanford, University of Texas, University of Vermont, University of Alabama, Baylor, and UCLA. Our fellows not only get great clinical experience in a unique area of interventional orthopedics, they also get to participate in publishing our research.

Our Past Fellows:

  • Ben Newton, MD
  • John Pitts, MD
  • Jason Markle, DO
  • Jamil Bashir, MD
  • Matthew Hyzy, DO
  • Christopher Williams, MD
  • Otonio Silva, MD
  • Ugochi Azuike, DO

Finally, as payback to the physicians and staff at our clinic who spend countless hours molding these young physicians, the fellows put on an annual show for us.

The Fellow Show

This tradition began, I believe, with Dr. Pitts. My wife loves being at the clinic and hearing John’s laugh randomly emanating from a patient room, so it was no surprise that John decided that he would do a parody rap at our Christmas party. Click here to hear John’s rap.

One year we had three fellows (two past and one current at that point) put on a show where Pitt’s revisited his amazing rapping skills:


This year’s edition is above. That’s Dr. Cartier from the Air Force, Dr. Lucas from Stanford, and Dr. Fausel from Emory singing “The Chipmunk Song” and busting a move like a boy band.

So I’d like you to vote on these three editions of the Fellow Show, as there are doctor-sized egos here at stake as to who put on the best show! Please vote below:

Which fellow show is the best?

The Pitts Rap
The Pitts Rap with Bashir and Markle (Video)
The Lucas, Fausel, and Cartier Boy Band
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The upshot? We have very talented doctors, in more ways than one. So please vote above so we can settle this for once and for all time as to who put on the best show. I’ll look forward to announcing on Monday in the office who rocked the house the most!