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The Regenexx Procedure makes Headlines

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The Regenexx procedure has once again made the headlines.

The Regenexx procedure allows patients to use their own bone marrow derived stem cells for common orthopedic conditions.

It‘s a valid medical procedure right now,” said Dr. Christopher J. Centeno, medical director of the Centeno-Schultz Integrative Pain Management Clinic.

For many patients it can mean avoiding surgery and months of rehabilitation with a procedure that just requires a few needles of treatment.

Stem cell function continues to be a topic of intense research.  Stem cells play a key role in cellular repair.

“The body is in constant need of repairing itself,” Centeno noted. What’s more amazing than the differentiation, he said, is the ability of the stem cells to direct other cells and their traffic needed to complete the healing, or what he calls the “Bob the Builder” factor.