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Treatment of Sacroiliac Joint Pain with Prolotherapy

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X-RAY IMAGE OF SI JOINT The sacrolilac joint is the joint between the sacrum, the base of the spine, and the ilium of the pelvis.

It can be a common source of pain in patients who have had lumbar fusions and traumatic injuries.

Diagnosis is made by injection of a small amount of local anesthetic into the joint.  Insertion of a needle into the SI Joint can be challenging.  Confirmation of accurate placement is achieved through the injection of contrast which  fills the joint.  This is illustrated below with yellow dashed circle.

Prolotherapy at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic involves injecting into joint as well as the surrounding ligaments.  A very important ligament for the  succesful treatment of the SI joint pain is the iliolumbar ligament.  The ligament is illustrated in blue.  It attaches to the L5 transverse process.

Maximal results from prolotherapy of the SI joint includes accurate placement of the injectate, as confirmed by contrast, as well as treatment of all ligaments.  This is the standard of care at the Centneo-Schultz Clinic.

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