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Are Umbilical Cord Stem Cells a Thing?

umbilical cord stem cells vlog


Hi, it’s Dr. Centeno, and I’d like to go over whether umbilical cord stem cells are a real thing –or, is this a scam?

So, many clinics are actively advertising that your stem cells are too old, hence you need to use young umbilical cord stem cells because there’s vials of these things that contain millions, live, and highly vital stem cells that they can inject.

There’s just one problem with that idea….

…And that’s reality.

We have at least three studies that have been done that show that show that amniotic and umbilical cord tissue – as being sold out there, and being used by these clinics – doesn’t actually have viable and functional mesenchymal stem cells as they claim.

In addition, we have this study, which is about to be published, which looked at five umbilical cord products.

So, on the left here (see image), you see the see those five umbilical cord products. These are commonly used by that advertise these things (i.e. umbilical & amniotic “stem cells”), and the fact that all of those plates are white means that they are no stem cells to be had in any of those products.

Now, this study by CSU, their Translational Medical Institute – on the right, that’s actually elderly and middle-aged bone marrow. And you see the purple dots there (see image)? Purple dots equals stem cells.

So, no stems cells in umbilical cord products being used by these clinics. [There are] Lots of stem cells in your own elderly bone marrow.

umbilical cord stem cell test

Why is this Happening?

By the time these umbilical cord tissues are harvested at a public hospital, they’re

  • Stored,
  • Transported,
  • stored (again),
  • processed,
  • bottled,
  • frozen,
  • shipped,
  • and shock-thawed in the doctor’s hand in the office, no living stem cells remain.

Note if a doctor gives you a White Paper produced by the company he or she uses, and that purports to show that there are lots of viable stem cells. But, regrettably, the tests used to look at viability in these white papers, while appearing scientific, aren’t nearly sophisticated enough to detect if the cells die over the first few days. That’s a process called apoptosis. When university labs test these products, that’s exactly what happens.

So, if you see a clinic advertising umbilical cord “stem cell” therapy, you need to run because that’s a scam.

Thanks so much for watching [or reading], and have a great day!