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What Is Interventional Orthopedics?

Interventional Orthopedics

Interventional orthopedics is a new medical specialty that utilizes the unlimited potential of platelets and stem cells that are injected under X-ray or ultrasound guidance to heal common orthopedic conditions. It acknowledges a thorough understanding of the anatomy, biomechanics, and approaches to successfully place a needle under guidance into a given structure.

Watch this quick introduction, called “What is Interventional Orthopedics?”

The Centeno-Schultz Clinic X-ray image of the shoulder above captures the essence of this new specialty. The shoulder is a complex joint compromised of bones, ligaments, tendons, and fibrocartilage termed the labrum. All are critical to the function and integrity of the joint.

Most Physicians Provide Simple Joint Injections

Ninety-five percent of physicians offering regenerative medicine treatments can only perform a simple intra-articular joint injection. That means blindly (without imaging guidance) placing a needle into the joint. Now let’s assume that you have a shoulder problem.

Will this simple intra-articular injection help your biceps tendon?

Will this simple intra-articular injection help your supraspinatus tear?


Interventional Orthopedics Physicians Provide Image-Guided Joint Injections

Only a physician who has been trained in interventional orthopedics will be able to accurately inject into critical structures in the shoulder with laser-like accuracy. All the physicians at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic are experts in the field. All the physicians teach basic, intermediate, and advanced courses at the Interventional Orthopedic Foundation.

Don’t leave your biceps or rotator cuff injury up to chance by having a PCP or orthopedics physician blindly inject into your shoulder. Demand a physician who is an expert in interventional orthopedics.

Ultrasound and/or X-ray guidance is the standard of care at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic.

The Centeno-Schultz Clinic was the birthplace of interventional orthopedics, and it’s where orthopedic stem cell injections were invented. If you’re interested in more information, please direct your attention to the webinars (for those outside of Denver area) and Free Lunch & Learns.