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Biceps Tendon Repair

Shoulder pain can arise from many causes including osteoarthritis, loss of cartilage and damage to the supporting muscles and tendons.  Shoulder arthroscopy is often deemed essential to repair torn or degenerative tendons.  Often during shoulder arthroscoppy one or more tendons is mechanically re-attached to the bone in an effort to remove the “damaged” or diseased segment.  Unfortunately this can lead to over tightening of the tendon which places disproportionate pressure and force on the joint.  The increased force can and typically results is arthritis and degeneration of the joint.  So the arthroscopic shoulder surgery that was intended to ‘fix” the problem actually results in long term injury.

Using Stem Cell Therapy as a Shoulder Surgery Alternative

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we offer regenerative options to repair tendons.  Using your own stem cells we can place them exactly in the area of damage.  This is accomplished through intermittent x-ray.  Today I injected a patent’s own stem cells along their biceps tendon that had a documented tear on MRI.  It was a simple needle in, needle out procedure that took less than 10 minutes.   The black line is dye that I injected to confirm accurate placement of the needle.  It accurately outlines the biceps tendon.   After confirmation of accurate placement, I injected 15 million stem cells.  At Regenexx we offer multiple options to repair tendon, ligament, bone and lumar disc through the use of your own stem cells. Learn about our stem cell treatments for shoulders here at our Centeno Schultz clinic.

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