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The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a key ligament in the knee that resists forward movement and rotation and as such is a key stabilizer. In 2005, we at Centeno-Schultz Clinic invented precise stem cell injections to better treat it to better treat it.

Tear of the ACL is a significant injury as it destabilizes the knee, compromises function and places the meniscus and cartilage at risk for additional injury.  For professional athletes it can be the end of a career.

Treatment for ACL tears has traditionally been surgery where the torn ACL is removed and a cadaver graft or a patient’s own tendon is used to create a new ACL.  Surgical anchors are used to attach the graft or tendon to the thigh bone and shin bone.

Problems with ACL surgery

  • ACL graft may be too loose creating instability.
  • ACL graft may be too tight creating excessive pressure and injury to the cartilage and meniscus.
  • ACL graft may tear requiring additional surgery.
  • ACL graft may be too steep compromising biomechanics


Is there a better alternative?  Absolutely

Meet Kasey

Kasey is a 26 year who was floating through mid thigh powder at Beaver Creek when she heard an audible pop in her left knee upon turning.  She could not bear weight and was noted to have a near complete tear of the ACL on MRI.  She declined invasive ACL surgery and opted for Regenexx Perc-ACLR which stands for percutaneous ACL repair.  It  is a precise injection of stem cells through a needle under x-ray guidance. Four months post procedure Kasey is back to running and hiking.


MRI Before and after Regenexx Stem Cell treatment

Watch a Regenexx stem cell ACL procedure



Centeno-Schultz Clinic pioneered the use of precise stem cell injections for the treatment of ACL tears. We have published our results in two separate peer reviewed journals. Click here to review  our clinical outcomes.  ACL tears are a significant injury compromising knee stability. Surgical repair is associated with a number of complications including failure and re tearing.

If you or a loved one has a  ACL tear, Centeno-Schultz Clinic is your best treatment option as we created, advanced and mastered the treatment of ACLs with stem cells whereby avoiding the need for invasive surgery.


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