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Dr. Schultz at Regenexx Cayman Clinic: KPMG Lecture

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Dr. Schultz Regenexx Cayman Clinic Lecture for KPMG

Physicians at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic rotate several times a year down to the Regenexx Cayman Clinic in Georgetown, Grand Cayman.  It is an honor to have this privilege and to have the opportunity to provide this level of service to our patients.

Regenexx Cayman Clinic

The Regenexx Cayman Clinic is a remarkable clinic for a number of reasons:

Breathtaking Location Far from Snow and Cold

Seven Mile Beach is an expansive stretch of white sand beach on the western end of Grand Cayman island.  Its waters are clear and rich in animals and vegetation.  It recently received the honor of “The Caribbean’s Best Beach”.  The challenges of subzero temperatures, bone-chilling winds, and sidewalks that need shoveling are absent.

Stem Cell Treatment Options

The Cayman Clinic is unique as it offers the same PRP and stem cell treatments as offered in the United States and more.  Treatment options in Cayman Clinic include:

Regenexx SD:  Same Day

Bone marrow extraction with same-day processing and re-injection.  Regenexx SD is an effective non-surgical alternative for many knees, hip, shoulder and ankle injuries.    To review Regenexx SD outcomes and results click here.

Regenexx C:  Culture Expanded

Regenexx C is unique as bone marrow is extracted and grown in culture for 2 weeks at a state of the art cell lab located in Grand Cayman.  This expansion process results in a much higher number of stem cells that can be used for treatment.  This is important to patients who have multiple joints that they want to be treated or who are on required medications which may negatively impact their stem cells.  Culture expansion of one’s stem cells is not legal in the United States and therefore not a treatment option for many patients.  Regenexx C is only offered in Cayman Island.

Cell Storage

Want to lock in the youth and vitality of your stem cells now?  Regenexx Cayman Clinic offers patients the ability to store their expanded stem cells for use at some future time.  The stem cells are cryopreserved in a safe, highly monitored and regulated facility.  This is a unique opportunity that some nationally recognized athletes have opted for.  If and when an injury occurs,  the stem cells can be taken out of storage, grown to a higher number and ready tor injection in several days.  Cell storage of bone marrow-derived stem cells is not available in the United States.  Cryopreservation stores your cells at your current biologic age, so as you get older, you’re getting younger cells, from you.


KPMG International Cooperative is a multinational professional services network, and one of the Big Four accounting organizations.  It is a top-shelf organization with a commitment to excellence.  Most of the staff are active in various athletic endeavors.  As such they are susceptible to injuries.  I was honored to provide a lecture to this powerhouse company.  I outlined how steroid and current orthopedic practices do not serve them and may in fact permanently derail their athletic activities.  Surgical treatment of meniscus tears was a case in point.  Despite high-level evidence that this surgery is not better than physical therapy, it remains the most popular outpatient surgery both in the United States and Grand Cayman.  Participants learned about the Interventional Orthopedics, Regenexx difference and the SANS approach to common orthopedic injuries.  KPMG staff are fortunate to have Regenexx Cayman Clinic as it is staffed by board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians who are leaders in the field of Interventional Orthopedics. Treatment options include PRP,  Regenexx  SD and culture-expanded bone marrow-derived stem treatment which is not a treatment option in the United States and most of Europe.