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When in Doubt Take It Out: Foot Pain

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After 12 weeks in a walking boot with extreme pain in the ball of her foot, the surgeon informed AK that major surgery was necessary where he would make a wide incision extending across the base of her foot and remove any abnormal bones and tissue.  She declined and sought non-surgical options at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic.

AK is a school teacher who was involved in a serious car accident.  At time of impact she had her right foot on the brake which was severely damaged.  She had immediate onset foot pain which was initially thought to arise for fracture of two small bones in the foot (sesamoid bones). 12 weeks of conservative therapy failed to improve her foot pain.

Initial evaluation at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic was significant for tenderness along the SI joint, pain along the flexor ligaments in the foot,laxity of the ankle and foot ligaments and multiple trigger points.

AK underwent the prolotherapy of the ankle and tib-fib ligaments,  myofascial deactivation (IMS) in the calf and foot, ultrasound guided PRP injections into foot and treatment of her sacroiliac joint and supporting ligaments.  The problem was not a fracture in the seasmoid bone but rather injury to the ligaments and muscle in the foot, ankle and pelvis.  Dysfunction in these structures led to referred pain.

Yesterday in clinic AK reported 90% improvement in her foot pain and was able to avoid a large surgery.  She is out of her walking foot and back in the classroom.

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