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The patella tendon attaches the lower part of the knee cap (patella) to the tibia.  It functions to stabilize the patella.

Stem Cell Therapy patella tendon - Patella Tendon Repair and Rehabilitation

When the patella tendon ruptures, the patella loses its stabilization and support.  A patient will not be able to straighten the knee or  stand on the affected limb.  Typically  the knee will usually buckle and give way because the body is no longer able to hold the knee straight.

Diagnosis consists of palpating the patella tendon and the patella. Usually, when the tendon ruptures, the patella moves up which can be seen on x-ray.

Stem Cell Therapy ruptured patellar tendon - Patella Tendon Repair and Rehabilitation

The most common treatment for patella tendon repair is surgical. The tendon ends are identified and then sewn together. Postoperatively a  cast is used to protect the repair. The length of time required for casting  is usually a minimum of 6 weeks followed by several weeks of rehabilitation.

The risks of surgeryare involved including: infection, stiffness, suture reaction, risks of anesthesia, phlebitis, pulmonary embolus and chronic knee pain or weakness .

Regenexx through the use of a patients own stem cells now offers an alternative to surgery to those who have patella tendon tears Patella tendon repair can be performed by regenerating the tendon via ones own stem cells thereby preventing the need for surgery and its inherent risks. Regenexx offers patients non surgical alternative.