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Successful Knee Stem Cell Therapy Returns Skier to Slopes

Aggressive skiing particularly in the moguls can take it’s toll on one’s knees and back. PM is 55y/o Canadian physician who was passionate about skiing and moguls.  Unfortunately he had significant bilateral knee and lower back pain. As a physician and a an avid skier he recognized that knee replacement and lumbar fusion would most likely prematurely end his life-long passion.  Accordingly he rejected the surgical recommendations and sought to use his own stem cells through the Regenexx procedure.

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic he underwent x-ray guided bilateral SI joint prolotherapy, Regenexx C, bilateral L5/S1, S1 epidural injection with Regenexx PL, Regenexx SD.  PM had both his back and knees treated acknowledging the importance of treating all areas of pain.  The lumbar spine and knee and ankle function are intimately connected as discussed in Orthopedic 2.0.

Want to Get Back to What You Love, Without Surgery and Medication?

PM sent his recent e-mail:

“I am enjoying an excellent result from the stem cell knee injections. I can kneel and stand up without any knee pain. I no longer look for an escalator and can run up stairs. My knee caps no longer feel loose while walking down the street. At 56 yr.’s old I can now ski for 4 hrs. nonstop with a much younger crowd without any knee swelling or pain. I can hit icy mogul lines without discomfort. The knees feel strong and bulletproof. The single stem cell injection to my large toe joint substantially reduced the pain and increased the ROM by 80%. I can now stand on my tippy toes. I have not taken any NSAID’s or pain medications since attending your clinic. My reflexes during skiing are now much sharper. I avoided medications, knee replacements and a fused toe joint. I only missed a day off work during the whole recovery. Thank you Regenexx and the CentenoSchultz Clinic.”


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