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Matt Chan’s Journey with CrossFit Injuries and Regenexx Treatments

Matt Chan's Journey: CrossFit Injuries and Stem Cell Treatments

Athletes have competed since the beginning of time.  In Ancient Rome, athletic competitions would last weeks at a time.  Modern Olympics are watched and enjoyed by millions in different nations.  Athletes capture our attention and admiration.  What is CrossFit?  What are the CrossFit Games?  Who is Matt Chan?  How has the Centeno-Schultz Clinic helped this CrossFit Champion?   What has Matt Chan’s Journey with Regenexx procedures been about?  Let’s dig in.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a very popular, highly visible lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercises, and sound nutrition. The workouts are made up of functional movements performed at a high-intensity level and include a mix of aerobic exercise, calisthenics, and Olympic weightlifting.  The workouts are different every day and are very demanding.  The number of CrossFit gyms has exploded and numbered approximately 15,000 in 2018. With such an explosion, you can probably guess there’s a lot more Crossfit injuries.

CrossFit Games

Each year athletes from around the world come to compete in the National CrossFit Games.  This is a very popular and incredibly intense fitness competition that endeavors to crown the ” fittest man and fittest woman in the world.  Athletes must qualify to participate in the games.  One can qualify by finishing in the top 20 men and women in the worldwide Open, winning a Sanctionals event, or by select invitation.  Competition is intense and numbered 358,646 in 2019.  The Games last 4 days and involve specific events that are extraordinarily demanding.  For example in the rucksack competition athletes run four laps around a 1500 meter course carrying a weighted rucksack.  The rucksack is increased by 10 pounds each lap for 20 pounds on the first lap, to 50 pounds on the last. During the Mary event, athletes complete as many repetitions as possible in 20 minutes of the following structured exercises.  Five handstand pushups, ten alternating single-leg squats, and fifteen pull-ups.

Meet Matt Chan

Matt is a 42-year-old Denver fireman and national CrossFit champion.  He has multiple accomplishments and awards including 4 top 10 finishes in CrossFit Games,  In 2012  he placed second in the CrossFit Games. Unfortunately, a series of injuries challenged Matt’s ability to train and compete.  He declined surgery and opted to have Regenexx procedures at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic.  This enabled him to produce a Top 10 finish at the 2015 Southwest Regionals. His most recent endeavor has been the Titan Games.

Titan Games

The Titan Games is an NBC sports competition series that features people from across America.  Athletes compete in endurance-based mental and physical challenges of epic proportions.  In a stunning performance, Matt beat  NFL pro-bowler Joe Thomas and became the Central Region Champion. He advances to the National Championships in August where he will compete for the Titan Title.

Matt Chan’s Journey with Crossfit Injuries & the Centeno Schultz Clinic

Matt Chan, like other professional athletes, has come to the Centeno-Schultz Clinic to maintain their competitive edge.  His Crossfit injuries have limited their potential to train and advance.  Surgery all too often leads to extensive downtime, changes in body mechanics, and an athlete’s ability to compete.  Matt understood this and wanted to keep all his own body parts.  Accordingly, he declined surgery for his right knee and low back pain. Matt has recently undergone Regenexx procedures and has allowed us to share his most recent experience with others.  It will be highlighted here on the blog as well as Facebook and  Instagram. This will be a fantastic opportunity for others to learn about:

  1. How the low back can dramatically impact strength, stability, and performance of the knee.
  2. Why your leg muscles remain tight and twitch.
  3. What is Avascular Necrosis ( AVN) and what are nonsurgical treatment options?
  4. What a knee meniscus is and why surgery is ABSOLUTELY not the answer.
  5. How lax or loose knee ligaments are diagnosed and treated.
  6. How cells are harvested and why techniques at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic focus on maximizing yield.
  7. Why the total number of customized injected matters

If you suffer from low back or knee pain please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Learn from Matt Chan’s Journey with CrossFit injuries and bone marrow concentrate treatments and come to learn about effective nonsurgical treatment options using bone marrow concentrate and PRP.  Please don’t be sidelined by your pain.  Rededicate yourself to getting back into the game.  We are here to help!


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