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Orthopedic Telemedicine Services

at Centeno-Schultz Clinic

Helping Patients Manage Pain and Orthopedic Conditions From the Comfort of Home.

Covered partially or fully under most health insurance


We’re STILL Here to Help! 

Your orthopedic pain doesn’t shut down because the virus. For that reason, Centeno-Schultz Clinic now offers telemedicine services. We can now see patients in all 50 states, and most insurance providers will partially or fully cover telemedicine appointments.


A Message From Dr. Christopher Centeno

“You’ve Got the Power: What To Do If Your Orthopedic Surgery Is Cancelled” Facebook Live Series & At-Home Self Exam Videos: In order for patients to better familiarize themselves with self-examination and the idea that they’ve “got the power,” Centeno-Schultz Clinic has compiled a short series of videos that will help bring a fuller picture of how our telemedicine services operate.

Fill in the blank with what applies to you: “What To Do If Your ________________ Is Cancelled.”

A majority of orthopedic conditions can be diagnosed through telemedicine. Get your diagnosis today! 

Talk with Board-Certified Physicians about your condition and learn how to better manage it under shut-down conditions. 

  Minimize your time in clinic with our limited contact treatment regimen.

Facebook Live Episode: "What To Do If Your Neck Surgery Is Cancelled"

Neck At-Home Self Exams

Facebook Live Episode:"What To Do If Your Shoulder Surgery Is Cancelled"

At-Home Shoulder Self Exams

Facebook Live Episode:"What To Do If Your Back Surgery Is Cancelled"

Low Back At-Home Self Exams

"What To Do IF Your Knee Surgery Is Cancelled"

At-Home Knee Self Exam

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