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Paul MD

Paul MD

In 1976 a opponent in my high school soccer division sat down on my foot and it was never the same. Multiple sprained ankles over…

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Foot and Ankle


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Paul MD's Story

In 1976 a opponent in my high school soccer division sat down on my foot and it was never the same. Multiple sprained ankles over the next 40 years until Dr. Markle had his shot at me. Several podiatrists wanted to fuse my ankle joint with a cadaver bone harvest, but I decided to see Dr. Markle first. His first injection in 2015 gave me about 65% improvement. I went from wincing with every step to no pain unless I was carrying heavy bag and twisted in just the right way. He made me wait a whole year before injecting the second time (TO SAVE ME unnecessary COST -thank you!) But after the next injection, I felt 90% healed and only rarely had any twinge. I went back to competitive tennis and single track up and downhill mountain biking with NO PAIN or limitation.

5 years later I then stepped into a hole running downhill, at night, in a cow pasture, and had to see him again. After the 3rd injection I now feel 100%!

2. He also injected my wrist. I broke it initially snowboarding in 1988. Then broke it again slipping on ice on a mountain bike in 2012. I was unable to rest my dominant wrist on any bike handle without excruciating pain.

When I went in for the ankle, Dr. Markle offered to try to rehabilitate my wrist as well. Just like with the ankle, the first injection got me over 60% improvement. I went from chronic, daily wrist pain with most activities, especially biking, to no pain with bicycling, and only infrequent twinges when playing something like tennis if I tried to reach a ball high up, and add top or backspin from those awkward positions.

Then the second injection a year later eliminated even that pain!

This is miraculous! What other procedures in the history of orthopedic medicine have had such miraculous, permanent improvement -especially with such little intervention or risk? This is actual healing of joints that I was taught in Medical School was impossible! Even in 2010 when I started seen Dr. Markle the conventional wisdom told me it was impossible and that my injuries were permanent and unchangeable without barbaric fusion and immobilization of my ankle and wrist.!

It is not only the technology that is so miraculous, but Dr. Markle's ability to detect the problem, visualize it with ultrasound and compare it to other images that I brought in, and make the correct application of the technology that is so cutting edge, and his advice and professionalism helped me save money as well, . That is a huge added benefit of getting treatment at this clinic showing their skill, and professionalism.

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