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Tyrone White


I met my Doctor Ugochi Azuike the first week of Dec 2018. She took time, patience and was so methodical examining me and explained the PRP and stem cell procedures to me. I understood a lot of her explaining because I researched alternatives for over 11 months.

Use the internet, you tube, blogs and the library to do your diligence.
She treated my low back and both knees. The throbbing at night in the right knee stopped, and when going down stairs with pain in the left knee is nearly completely gone. I’m able to squat again. The pain in my low back has gone from level 7 – 9 down to 1 – 5. With the condition of my low back I can say this is a great improvement.
I am so thankful to Dr Azuike and her staff at Centeno Schultz. She has studied how to heal the body naturally instead of with pills and surgeries. I thank Her everyday!!!