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Chronic back pain

Back pain left untreated often results in chronic back pain.  Yes often the spasms and  aches that weekend warriors experience resolve on their own. Unfortunately for others, back pain continues for weeks to months at a time resulting in chronic back painBack pain treatment varies from each speciality but at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we are focused on identifying the principal source of pain so that appropriate therapies can be prescribed with resultant reduction in back pain.

There are four principal sources of back pain:  muscular, ligament dysfunction, facet dysfunction and lumbar disc disease.

Muscle strength and integrity is central to the biomechanics of a patient.  If a group of muscles are weak or are inhibited this placed a burden on the remaining muscles which can and oftentimes creates an imbalance.  This biomechanical imbalance can cause a patient to have an abnormal posture and gait which in turn places discriminate forces on the back resulting in back pain.  One back pain treatment offered at the Centeno-Schultz  Clinic is IMS (Intramuscular stimulation) which focuses on restoring proper muscle function and balance.

Degenerative lumbar disc disease is a significant issue which affects many patients.  It is characterized by a reduction in the disc height and signal as noted on an MRI.  Many discs which are degenerative are not a source of back pain.


Unfortunately to many, an abnormal lumbar disc is ascribed to be a source of back pain and therefore back surgery is recommended.

At Regenexx a patent’s own stem cells are used to rebuild damaged structures including lumbar disc.  It is a simple needle in needle out procedure without the risks and trauma associated with back surgery.  Stem cell therapy has successfully reduced disc bulges.

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