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Stem Cell Therapy for Meniscus Injuries: A Comprehensive Approach

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Powder Skiing

Steep and deep skiing is fantastic but can result in debilitating injuries.

CP is a 60y/o avid extreme snow and water skier who sustained a right knee injury in the back-country.  He had undergone three previous knee surgeries with limited success.

Conservative treatment included active release PT, chiropractic care, acupuncture and trial of NSAID’s without significant benefit.

CP was familiar with the studies which demonstrated progression of degenerative changes after meniscectomies and therefore declined.  He opted to use his own stem cells via the Regenexx procedure.

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic CP  was noted to have a 15 year history of low back pain, instability of ACL and extreme pain on the medial aspect of the knee.  Physical examination was signficant for laxity of ACL and decreased strength and sensation in his left foot.  X-ray of lumbar spine demonstrated significant lumbar degenerative disc disease most advanced at the L5/S1 level.

Joint stability and maximizing neural function is critical as discussed in Ortho 2.0.

MSK ultrasound allows for a dynamic, real-time examination which in CP demonstrated multiple tears in medial meniscus, partial extrusion of medial meniscus and thickening of MCL.

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic CP underwent x-ray guided injections of Regenexx PL, prolotherapy of ACL and MCl and Regenexx SD into his medial meniscus via ultrasound guidance.

Want to Get Back to What You Love, Without Surgery and Medication?

3 weeks post injection I received this e-mail:

“Overall the joint feels much more stable than before. I am now able to walk down stairs in a normal fashion instead of 1 step at a time. Epidural injections have really diminished lumbar and scapular pain. Down to a bearable 2-3  where before it was 5-7 all of the time. Very noticeable improvement when I bike ride. I felt things tighten up (unprovoked ) in the lumbar region, the scaps a couple of days ago, still tight but not super painful. Right leg seems to function normally on the mtn bike. I’ve been doing the Sprint 8 routine every 3rd day on reasonably flat trail. Hitting 22mph on the sprints, heart rate of 165, peaking to 170 as come off the sprint for 90 sec recovery which leads me to believe I’m hitting a solid anaerobic level and creating an 02 debt. Still an imbalance from left to right in pedal power. Walking has gotten much easier with the resolution of both the back and knee pain.”

In 2012 CP expects to exceed his previous seasons which is shared with us in this video (he’s the one with the moustache).


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