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migraines and carpal tunnel

Are Migraines and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Related?

Millions of people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, and carpal tunnel release is one of the most common surgeries performed today. Millions also struggle with chronic migraines. While we know carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression condition, there is also recent evidence that migraines, not historically thought to be a compression issue, may be associated … Continued

wrist pain

Help! Why Does My Wrist Hurt?

The wrist is a very complex joint made up of many tiny bones and ligaments. With so many individual parts and pieces all working together to make up one functional joint structure, a lot can go wrong. Just one stretched tiny ligament or injured little bone can wreak havoc on the wrist as a whole … Continued

prp vs steroid injection

Got Thumb Pain? PRP Is Superior to Steroids

Thumb pain can be debilitating, compromising one’s ability to perform the easiest of tasks. The pain can be unrelenting at times and compromise the competitive edge we all seek. Let’s review what the thumb joint is and treatment options. Understanding Thumb Anatomy There are five different types of bones in the hand, which is illustrated … Continued

wrist replacement

The Problem with Wrist Replacement…

While the wrist might look like a random jumbled mess of bones, it is actually a precisely designed and very complex joint. Your wrist is designed to perform fine and intricate maneuvers that no other joint in the human body can accomplish. If the wrist was immobile, for example, many tasks you perform with your … Continued

thumb pain and arthritis

Why We Give Thumb Surgery a Big Thumbs-Down

In today’s world, driven full speed ahead by instant information on demand, even those of us who’ve spent the majority of our lives in the before-smart-devices era can no longer imagine life without them. Unfortunately, with this new way of high-technology living comes an increase in doctor’s visits for issues that were never a big … Continued

arthritis in smaller joints

Hands, Ankles, Wrists, and Toes…Arthritis in the Smaller Joints

During our arthritis series for National Arthritis Month, we’ve talked a lot about the big joints—the knees, hips, and shoulders. But arthritis in smaller joints, such as the hands, ankles, wrists, and toes, can be equally devastating. Today, we’re going to explore arthritis and regenerative treatments, including some patient results and videos, in the ankles … Continued

steroid shots for arthritis

Steroid Shots for Arthritis Are a Bad Combination

Let’s face it. No arthritis sufferer becomes overjoyed at the thought of getting steroid shots. Steroids are riddled with many well-known side effects, such as weight gain, changes in behavior or mood, headaches, and so on. While arthritis pain may be difficult to bear at times, none of us want the added discomfort of dealing … Continued

Instructing at the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation Wrist/Elbow/Ankle Course

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, we are committed to advancing the field of regenerative medicine. To that extent we are engaged in ongoing research, publications, and education. Each year, the Centeno-Schultz Clinic accepts highly qualified applicants into our one-year fellowship program. Our teaching does not end there! Last weekend Drs. Schultz and Hyzy were the lead … Continued

orthobiologics to treat arthritis

Using Orthobiologics to Treat and Prevent Arthritis

Today, May 1, marks the beginning of National Arthritis Month, which occurs in May of every year. According to the Arthritis Foundation, one in five adults will be afflicted with arthritis. This makes it the front-runner for disability in the U.S., something we in the field of interventional orthopedics are determined to address. So throughout … Continued

hand numbness while sleeping

Hand Numbness While Sleeping? Your Neck May Be the Culprit

While not super common, hand numbness while sleeping is an issue patients sometimes bring to our attention. We’re not talking about I fell asleep on my hand, and when I woke up it was numb; we’re talking about legitimate hand numbness that seems to recur most nights and may even wake you from sleep. If … Continued