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bone marrow concentrate

umbilical cord stem cells vlog

Are Umbilical Cord Stem Cells a Thing?

Transcription Hi, it’s Dr. Centeno, and I’d like to go over whether umbilical cord stem cells are a real thing –or, is this a scam? So, many clinics are actively advertising that your stem cells are too old, hence you need to use young umbilical cord stem cells because there’s vials of these things that … Continued

lyftogt injections

Lyftogt Injections – What You Need to Know

Lyftogt Injections also referred to as perineural injections (PIT) or neuroprolotherapy are small, low dose glucose injections near superficial nerves intended to reverse nerve inflammation and pain.  Dr. Schultz discusses important differences between neuroprolotherapy and prolotherapy and new techniques to safely inject irritated or compressed nerves.

PRP And Stem Cell Based Ligament Treatments: What To Expect

Transcript Hi. It’s Dr. Centeno And today we’re going to talk about how ligaments respond to PRP and stem cells. Now, patients can really be confused and anxious after precise PRP or stem cell injections into a damaged ligament. They just don’t understand the phases and what’s happening to them. So, they don’t understand their … Continued

Lipogem patient reviews

Lipogems Patient Reviews vs Published Research

Lipogems is a medical device that processes a patient's own fat.  The fat is used in the treatment of various orthopedic conditions. Dr. Schultz discusses the important difference between adipose stem cells, and fat graft treatments, and published studies using the Lipogems procedure.

how to increase stem cells naturally

How to Increase Stem Cells Naturally

There are a large number of stem cell supplements currently available. Each claims to be the most effective. Dr, Schultz discusses the challenges with the current research that is available, and how you can support your stem cell function naturally.

A woman that has to make a decision to go left or right, which is really a visual metaphor for choosing between stem cell therapy and conventional medicine (in Denver )

Stem Cell Therapy Denver

Orthopedic stem cell treatments are everywhere and offered by a number of different types of doctors which include chiropractors, family practitioners, rheumatologists, and orthopedic surgeons. The websites found in an online search for “stem cell therapy Denver” are rich in color, claims, and testimonials.  Their appeal is easy to understand — what’s communicated is that … Continued

stem cell therapy for neck pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain

Does stem cell therapy for neck pain work? This is one of those areas where there are some things that likely work to help neck pain, but most of what’s being offered is not what it seems. Let’s dig in. What Causes Neck Pain Before we get too much into stem cell therapy for neck … Continued

The Aging Athlete Series: Episode 4-Should I Take Metformin?

I’m an aging athlete who gets orthobiologic therapies to stay active with a family history of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Meaning, I got dealt a bad hand in the grand poker game of genetics. Recently some groundbreaking research came out on Metformin and how it may slow aging, which coincided with my … Continued

Let’s Break it Again: Stem Cell Therapy for Broken Bones

Stem Cell Therapy for Broken Bones – That’s a Thing? Fractures of the long bones occur commonly and include the humerus, radius, ulna, femur,  tibia, and fibula.  Often times they require surgery with insertion of rods or plates.  Unfortunately despite patients’ and surgeons’ best efforts, oftentimes these fractures fail to heal.  The all to common … Continued

stem cells for knees

Stem Cells for Knees?

Are stem cells for knee effective? Dr. Centeno reviews the research for you and digests it to answer this important question.