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craniocervical instability

ccj instability

Can CCJ Instability Be Treated Without Surgery?

Craniocervical junction (CCJ) instability it a difficult-to-treat condition. Conservative measures may provide some temporary relief, depending on how severe the instability is, but ultimately, if your instability doesn’t improve or continues to deteriorate, your orthopedic doctor is probably going to recommend an upper-cervical fusion. This is a highly invasive surgery that not only permanently freezes … Continued

Chronic Headaches And Neck Pain: Treatment Tips

Chances are, you’ve had to deal with a headache at one time or another, probably many times in fact. Why? A headache is most typically a symptom, and as such it can occur with a variety of issues—everything from a fever or migraine to the common cold or allergies and in rarer cases even more … Continued

Does Whiplash Occur in Canada?

It appears that the Canadian health system has close links to the American insurance companies.  In years past the American insurance companies did not recognize whiplash and its attendant disabling pain.  Rather they banded together to create the concept of  M.I.S.T.  (Minor Injury Soft Tissue Injury).  The concept held that whiplash was a psychosocial phenomenon.  … Continued