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knee osteoarthritis

lumbar fusion and knee replacement

One Patient’s Story Of Saying No To Knee And Lumbar Surgery

We often see patients seeking a nonsurgical alternative to a lumbar fusion. We also see many patients trying to save their knee and looking for a nonsurgical solution to a knee replacement. Recently, we saw a patient seeking both. After being told she needed bilateral knee replacements, a low-back MRI led her doctor to also … Continued

your arthritic knee injected with bone cement

Should You Have Your Arthritic Knee Injected with Bone Cement?

Along with cartilage degeneration that occurs in arthritis, an MRI of the knee may also show a bone marrow lesion (BML). In recent years, injecting bone cement into these BMLs (a new procedure called a subchondroplasty) in arthritic knees has become a trend. While we’ve seen favorable outcomes reported on this procedure at conferences, in … Continued

nerve treatment for knee arthritis

Is “Cool” Nuking Nerves For Knee Arthritis Pain A Good Idea?

The newest trend for treating the pain of knee arthritis is a nerve treatment that is meant to mask the pain…at least for a while. This procedure, a cooler-temperature radiofrequency treatment, has been full speed ahead over the last few years, so it must be a good idea, right? Meaning, it works, it lasts a … Continued

middle aged patients getting knee replacements

Why Are Middle Age People Getting Knee Replacements?

Why are middle age people getting knee replacements? One possible reason is that the commercials make the activities following a knee replacement look exciting and fun, especially for good-looking, younger-appearing (and with each new commercial, they seem to get younger and younger) middle-age people. These device manufacturers know how to target consumers for their product, … Continued

avoid knee replacement with stem cell therapy

Premature Failure: Another Reason to Avoid Total Knee Replacement

Have you been told you need total knee replacement? At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, we acknowledge there are problems associated with total knee replacements – and they are BIG problems! Let’s review! Continued Pain and Total Knee Replacement Surgery Continued Need for Pain Medication Components of a Knee Replacement Prosthesis Can Cause Allergies Increased Risk of … Continued

Are Core Strength and Knee Arthritis Related?

Core strength and knee arthritis are related? The answer is “Oh, why Yes!” Let me explain. Remember the famous childhood “Dem Bones” song? “The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone. The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone…The hip bone’s connected to the back bone…” This has been a central theme at the Centeno-Schultz … Continued

meniscus surgery knee arthritis

Another Reason to Say No to Meniscus Surgery: Knee Arthritis

Orthopedic surgeons perform about 700,000 knee meniscus surgeries every year in the United States, making it the most-performed knee procedure in the country. So you’d think there must be an abundance of research showing this procedure works. Unfortunately, this is not the case; in fact, study after study has shown meniscus surgery to be ineffective … Continued

arthritis causing event

Have You Experienced an “Arthritis Causing Event”?

We talk a lot about arthritis that can occur from wear and tear to a joint with aging. This is because gradual wear and tear as we age is the most common reason arthritis occurs; however, arthritis can also result from a prior injury. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis (OA) with about … Continued

steroid shots for arthritis

Steroid Shots for Arthritis Are a Bad Combination

Let’s face it. No arthritis sufferer becomes overjoyed at the thought of getting steroid shots. Steroids are riddled with many well-known side effects, such as weight gain, changes in behavior or mood, headaches, and so on. While arthritis pain may be difficult to bear at times, none of us want the added discomfort of dealing … Continued