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acl surgery success rate

ACL Surgery Success Rate: What You Need To Know

Ski and snowboarding season is upon us.  Early season conditions mixed with overly enthusiastic fans can result in knee injuries and surgeries, and ACL injuries are one of the most common. What is an ACL?  What is ACL surgery?  Can  ACL reconstruction fail?   Can an ACL tear heal without surgery? Is there a non-surgical treatment for … Continued

knee popping after meniscus surgery

Knee Popping After Meniscus Surgery

Meniscus surgery is a widely performed surgery for meniscus tears with 34,966 performed in 2015 (1).  What is a knee meniscus?  What is meniscus surgery?  What can I expect after arthroscopic knee surgery?  Why is my knee popping after meniscus surgery?  Let’s dig in. What is a Knee Meniscus? The meniscus is a figure-eight fibrocartilage … Continued

Meniscus Tear Recovery Time Without Surgery

  Knee pain can arise from different structures including cartilage, ligaments and meniscus.  What is a meniscus tear?  How long is meniscus tear recovery time without surgery?  Let’s dig in. What is a Knee Meniscus? The meniscus is a figure-eight fibrocartilage that acts as a shock absorber between your thigh and shin bones. There are … Continued

PRP Injection Knee Recovery Time

PRP Injection Knee Recovery Time

How long does it take to recover from a knee PRP injection? When can you walk? How long does it take for a knee PRP injection to work? Let’s dig into PRP injection knee recovery time. What Is PRP Injection Knee Recovery Time? To understand PRP injection knee recovery time you first have to understand … Continued

acl surgery recovery

ACL Surgery Recovery vs Perc-ACLR

We invented the ACL knee stem cell injection procedure like we invented many of the same-day orthopedic injection procedures being offered today. What prompts this blog post is an e-mail from a patient who reported her results and recovery. Like many of our patients, she avoided an ACL surgery recovery through the Perc-ACLR procedure. Hence … Continued

stem cells for knees

Stem Cells for Knees?

Are stem cells for knee effective? Dr. Centeno reviews the research for you and digests it to answer this important question.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Partial ACL Tears

Injuries to ACL are life-changing as witnessed by professional athletes who fail to return to high-level play after ACL surgery. The frequency of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries (aka “partial ACL tears”) are increasing and an estimated 150,000 ACL reconstructions performed per year in the United States (1). What is the ACL? The Anterior Cruciate … Continued

Colorado Athlete Avoids Surgery With The Perc-ACLR

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a key ligament in the knee that resists forward movement and rotation and as such is a key stabilizer. In 2005, we at Centeno-Schultz Clinic invented ACL stem cell injections to better treat it.. Tear of the ACL is a significant injury as it destabilizes the knee, compromises function, … Continued

Curcumin vs Diclofenac for the Management of Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Knee pain can be disabling compromising quality of life and one’s ability to hike, run or ski. And it takes something as simple as curcumin to help with it. Traditional treatment options include ice, rest and oral NSAID’s such as Alleve, Motrin and Diclofenac. Significant side effects associated  NSAID  include: Are there safe alternatives?  Meet … Continued