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inside knee home self exam

Regenexx Inside Knee Home Self-Exam

 Transcript Hi, It’s Dr. Centeno, and this is part of my “You’ve Got the Power” series on what you can do at home to understand why your, in this case, knee hurts. I’m going to focus on the inside of your knee. So, if you’re stuck at home, what can you do to figure … Continued

acl stem cell treatment cost

ACL Stem Cell Treatment Cost: Getting What You Pay For

Knee pain can happen suddenly making simple steps almost impossible.  What is the ACL?  Is ACL surgery a major surgery?   How much does ACL Stem Cell Treatment Cost?  Is there a nonsurgical alternative to treat ACL tears?  Let’s dig in. What is the ACL? Ligaments are thick bands of connective tissue that connect one bone … Continued

meniscus tear recovery

Meniscus Tear Recovery? Newer Techniques May Help!

How long does meniscus tear recovery take without surgery? Can a meniscus tear heal on its own? Can you walk around with a torn meniscus? Does surgery work? Let’s dig in. What is the Knee Meniscus? Before you can learn about meniscus tear recovery, you need to know about the meniscus. The knee meniscus is … Continued

Ryan Tannehill

Our Patient Ryan Tannehill and the Superbowl

We’ve treated a bunch of professional athletes through the years at Centeno-Schultz and at our licensed advanced treatment site in Grand Cayman. One of those athletes is Ryan Tannehill who is now going to be in the run-up to the super bowl. We couldn’t be happier that maybe just maybe, we’ve helped Ryan prolong his … Continued

ACL Surgery Alternative

ACL Surgery Alternative? Meet the Perc-ACLR Procedure

Most people view ACL surgery like they’re taking their car in for a new part. However, the reality is quite different. However, is there an ACL surgery alternative? Yes, meet the Perc-ACLR procedure. What Is the ACL? Before we learn about a new ACL surgery alternative, let’s review some background. The ACL is a ligament … Continued

HGH for osteoarthritis

HGH for Osteoarthritis?

I love to write about what I experience, so this weekend a question came across social media about using HGH for osteoarthritis. While this has been the subject of some interesting airline magazine advertising for years, this patient sent along an article for me to review. Hence, I thought it was time to visit this … Continued

acl surgery success rate

ACL Surgery Success Rate: What You Need To Know

Ski and snowboarding season is upon us.  Early season conditions mixed with overly enthusiastic fans can result in knee injuries and surgeries, and ACL injuries are one of the most common. What is an ACL?  What is ACL surgery?  Can  ACL reconstruction fail?   Can an ACL tear heal without surgery? Is there a non-surgical treatment for … Continued

knee popping after meniscus surgery

Knee Popping After Meniscus Surgery

Meniscus surgery is a widely performed surgery for meniscus tears with 34,966 performed in 2015 (1).  What is a knee meniscus?  What is meniscus surgery?  What can I expect after arthroscopic knee surgery?  Why is my knee popping after meniscus surgery?  Let’s dig in. What is a Knee Meniscus? The meniscus is a figure-eight fibrocartilage … Continued