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My Knee Hurts When I Bend It and Straighten It: A Quickstart Guide

Do you have daily knee pain despite having no major trauma or precipitating event?  Has physical therapy, rest and NSAIDs failed to provide relief?  It is very frustrating and can keep you on the sidelines.  To learn more please read below to answer the following questions:  What are the different types of knee pain that … Continued

Knee Popping: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Here is a full guide on what causes knee popping, possible diagnoses, and suitable treatments to solve your knee problems. Possible Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment Knee popping can be a sensation that something is moving around in the knee. There may also be an audible sound associated with the popping, which in medical terms is … Continued

How to Avoid Knee Replacement: A Quickstart Guide

Your knee pain initially was intermittent and mild.  Unfortunately, It is now constant and debilitating.  Your doctor recommends knee replacement surgery. What is the knee composed of?  What are the most common knee injuries?  What is knee replacement surgery? What are the different types of knee replacements?  What is knee replacement surgery success? What are … Continued

7 Most Common Symptoms of a Loose Knee Replacement

Walking became impossible.  Each step was associated with severe pain.  Knee replacement seemed like a good solution.  Unfortunately, months after the surgery problems exist.  Your doctor thinks you have a loose knee replacement.  What is a knee replacement?  What causes a knee replacement to become loose?  What are the 7 most common symptoms of a … Continued

disadvantages of knee replacement surgery

14 Disadvantages of Knee Replacement Surgery

Every step is a reminder of your knee pain.  Physical therapy and steroid injections did not help.  Your doctor is referring you for surgery.  What is knee replacement surgery?  What are the disadvantages of knee replacement surgery? What is the success rate of knee replacement surgery?  What are the alternatives to knee replacement surgery?  Let’s … Continued

Curcumin vs Diclofenac for the Management of Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Knee pain can be disabling compromising quality of life and one’s ability to hike, run or ski. And it takes something as simple as curcumin to help with it. Traditional treatment options include ice, rest and oral NSAID’s such as Alleve, Motrin and Diclofenac. Significant side effects associated  NSAID  include: increase risk of death due … Continued

knee arthritis pain

Is Exercise Better than NSAIDs for Knee Arthritis Pain?

America, as a whole, loves its nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The tiniest ache or pain can send many running to their medicine cabinet for an NSAID to attempt to control that small pain before it gets worse. We see patients not only taking them to relieve pain but to prevent it before it even occurs, … Continued

Regenexx Publishes New Stem Cell Study for Knee Osteoarthritis

Your knee is limiting your ability to ski a full day, play more than one match, or hike with friends and family. If you have knee osteoarthritis, then a new study by Regenexx might be supremely interesting to you! Evaluation has demonstrated that your knee has moderate osteoarthritis. What to do? Traditional treatment choices include … Continued