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fasting mimicking diet

Fasting Mimicking Diet: Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition Series

What Is a Fasting Mimicking Diet? I’ll be posting a series of helpful nutrition and lifestyle tips that can help prevent medical problems and add to vitality and good health. I’d like to start this series with recommending periodic fasting or a fasting mimicking diet. Today I am starting a fasting mimicking diet (FMD) named … Continued

red tail wellness centers

Red Tail Wellness Centers Review: Stem Cells?

As part of a new series, I’ll be spending some time trying to review the local “stem cell” clinic offerings to help you figure out high from low-quality offerings. My first installment is a Red Tail wellness flyer sent to me by a local physical therapist. We have treated him and his family so he … Continued

The Aging Athlete: Taking Some of My Own Medicine-Episode 2

I needed some ProActive injections done, so this is a dose of my own medicine. This is part of the ProActive approach I discussed last week (from the book). So the first tip is to fix small problems while they’re small. You can see in the video what I had done. These were all platelet … Continued

Regenexx ProActive - Aging Athlete

Tips and Tricks for the Aging Athlete! Episode 1

I am now officially 56. I can no longer claim to be in my early 50s! So how do you stay active as you age? In this tips and tricks for the aging athlete series, I’ll go over what I do to stay active. Getting Old is Not for Sissies Man, it’s tough getting old. … Continued

reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Reducing Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Did you know there are 7 basic things that you can do to prevent or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease? Dr Pitts, our nutrition expert, breaks this all down for you in this new addition to his "Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Series"

gut bacteria

Keep Your Good Gut Bacteria Happy with Regular Exercise

It’s unlikely this is the first time you’re reading about the “good” gut bacteria; it’s probably been the hottest topic in health and medicine over the past few years. Why? More and more studies are linking so much of our health and so many diseases to the condition of our microbiome (our gut environment). So … Continued

fish oil benefits

Can You Enhance Your Workout Results with Fish Oil?

We know fish oil can raise our essential omega-3 intake, and we’ve covered studies before showing fish oil benefits not only to heart health but also joint health. Today, we are reviewing a study that adds another potential benefit to fish oil: more-effective exercise results. Let’s learn a little more about fish oil, and then … Continued


Is Yogurt Really as Good for Us as We Think?

Activia, Dannon, Fage…we know them well. Even if you don’t work a daily serving of yogurt into your diet, you were probably visualizing the TV or magazine ads in your mind as we mentioned the brands. Most of you probably even know to be sure to check those yogurt labels for the wording or symbol … Continued

organic foods

Can You Reduce Cancer Risks by Going Organic?

Over the last couple of decades, as we’ve become more aware of pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, and hormones used in mass farming vegetables and livestock, the U.S., in general, has seen a slow and steady shift to more and more natural- and organic-food choices. Many of us know that green-and-white “USDA ORGANIC” label very well, and … Continued