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hip labral tear recovery without surgery

Hip Labral Tear Recovery Without Surgery

The hip labrum is a ring of fibrocartilage and connective tissue that provides important support to the hip and is susceptible to injury. Dr. Schultz discusses the importance of labral tears, nonsurgical options that include PRP and bone marrow-derived stem cells.

vastus lateralis trigger point release

Ep.6: Trigger Point Release Method For Vastus Lateralis Pain

If you’re an aging athlete, you have loads of trigger points and, therefore, vastus lateralis pain. You know what I mean, that small groan you release when you get up from a chair. One of the most problematic areas for all aging athletes is the ITB, yet most of us have no idea why this … Continued

hip labral tear surgery success rate

Hip Labral Tear Surgery Success Rate

The hip labrum is important structure that provides support to the joint and is susceptible to injury. Dr. Schultz discusses the significance of labral tears, surgical repair results and non surgical treatment options.

hip labrum surgery recovery

Hip Labrum Surgery Recovery

Hip pain can be debilitating eroding one’s function and quality of life.  What is the hip labrum?  What is hip labrum surgery?  What is hip labrum surgery recovery? Let’s dig in. What is Hip Labrum? The hip joint is a ball-socket joint with the acetabulum being the shallow socket.  The labrum is a ring of … Continued

success rate of stem cell therapy for hips

Success Rate of Stem Cell Therapy for Hips?

What’s the success rate of stem cell therapy for hips? You would be surprised that while we can help many problems with orthobiologics, there are some hip problems that can’t be helped. So let’s dig in to make sure you don’t get scammed. What Can Go Wrong in the Hips that Can Cause Pain? There … Continued

tight ITB

Always Tightening Up Your ITB? You Could Have a Back Problem

Back pain and a tight ITB often go hand in hand…at least that’s our experience with about two-thirds of the patients we examine with back pain. In these cases, we find it best to treat not just the back problem but also the ITB. Why? We’ll explain in a moment, but first, let’s define the … Continued

Hip Resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing Has Problems of Its Own

Hip resurfacing may sound like a kinder, gentler alternative to hip replacement, but is it? There may be fewer steps to the surgery, but it is still highly invasive and, according to research, is riddled with many serious problems of its own. Today we’re going to define the difference between hip resurfacing and hip replacement, … Continued

Hip Arthroscopy Associated with Significant Complications

That darn hip pain has finally gotten your attention. Getting out of a chair, walking up stairs and even tying your shoes has become a problematic chore.Your orthopedic surgeon recommends a hip arthroscopy. Does make sense clinically? What Is Hip Arthroscopy? Hip arthroscopy is often referred to as a minimally invasive orthopedic procedure used to … Continued

Mysterious Buttock Pain Solved

If you tend to push yourself on weekends, Monday can be a challenge. Muscle fatigue, stiffness, and restriction in range of motion can be a problem. Typically, these resolve by late Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This story is about a buttock pain Patient with Butt Pain After Weekend Cycling Competition … Continued

can osteonecrosis be treated without surgery

Can Osteonecrosis Be Treated Without Surgery?

Osteonecrosis, directly translated, means death (necrosis) of bone (osteo-). It can be a frightening diagnosis for a patient to hear. First, a patient will likely wonder if there is anything that can be done to stop the bone from dying, and if the physician advises surgery, which they almost always do, a patient might wonder … Continued