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craniocervical instability

what is the Atlanto-Occipital joint

What Is the Atlanto-Occipital (AO) Joint

The pain at the base of your skull is getting worse.  It started gradually and now has gotten worse.  Rest, massage, Motrin, and physical therapy has not helped.  It is beginning to erode the quality of your life.  Your PCP wants to start migraine medication, but the list of side effects is scary.  Your chiropractor … Continued

what is the Atlantoaxial joint

What Is the Atlantoaxial Joint?

The headaches and upper neck pain are getting worse. Medication and therapy has not helped.  Radiographic studies are normal. Your chiropractor thinks it may be coming from your upper neck.   What is the Atlas? What is the Axis bone?  What is the Atlantoaxial joint? What are the key components of the Atlantoaxial Joint? What is … Continued

What is Craniocervical Junction?

What Is the Craniocervical Junction?

The headaches started abruptly and without warning.  They are not like the headaches due to excessive alcohol or disagreements with the in-laws.  The headaches have not responded to medications or rest. You and your family are concerned.  Your doctor thinks you may have a problem in the upper neck.  He mentioned something about the Craniocervical … Continued

What Is an Upright MRI? Can It Diagnose CCJ Instability? [VLOG]

Hey, it’s Dr. Centeno. And what is an Upright MRI? And can it diagnose CCJ instability? So, CCJ Instability means that the upper neck bones move around too much due to lax ligaments. Lots of different ligaments up there that can be torn, partially torn, stretched, or just loose due to other problems. And there … Continued

Breakthrough Treatment For Neck Ligament Laxity: Now Available

Neck ligament laxity can be debilitating. Dr. Schultz discusses what neck ligament laxity is, the 8 most common symptoms, the causes, how it is diagnosed, treatment options including a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment, and a must-read new book that provides insight and hope for those that suffer from neck ligament laxity.

untreated whiplash symptoms

7 Untreated Whiplash Symptoms You Need to Watch For

Whiplash is a significant injury that is commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents. Dr. Schultz discusses what whiplash is, the structures that can be injured, the 7 untreated whiplash symptoms that you need to watch for, and the major long-term consequences of not treating whiplash symptoms.

craniocervical instability treatments

Craniocervical Instability Treatment: Another Success Story

Craniocervical instability (CCI) is a medical condition in which the strong ligaments that connect and stabilize the head and neck are loose. Dr. Schultz discusses what CCI is, the 8 most common symptoms, who is at risk for developing CCI, current treatment options, and a new nonsurgical treatment that allows patients to use their own cells to treat damaged or loose ligaments.

what is cranial instability

Cranial Instability: The Summary You Need to Read

Cranial instability better known as Cranial Cervical Instability (CCI) is a very important medical condition. Dr. Schultz discusses what CCI is, the most common symptoms, who is at risk, how to make the diagnosis, treatment options, and revolutionary nonsurgical treatment option that utilizes your own stem cells.

Atlantoaxial Subluxation – Key Concepts You Need to Know

The Atlantoaxial joint also referred to as the C1/2 joint is a joint in the upper neck. Dr. Schultz discusses what the atlantoaxial joint is, what atlantoaxial subluxation means, the symptoms of atlantoaxial subluxation, how it is diagnosed, and nonsurgical treatment options.